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The development of communication and globalization have brought the stories of successful individuals to everyone’s attention. These successes inspire hundreds of people to create or invest in the next Facebook, Tesla or Apple on a daily basis. Whether you choose to found your own enterprise or invest in someone else’s, you will be in need of trusted legal advisors with detailed knowledge of the applicable legislation and the market trends, and who are intimately aware of your designs for the specific investment.

Obretenovi Law Firm offers complex legal services to individuals who wish to establish their own enterprise. We will not leave our clients’ side from the initial planning stage, risk assessment and company registration, through the market growth of the enterprise, up to the protection of the interests of burgeoning merchants. We have in-depth knowledge of the needs of enterprises in the fields of company law, dealings with the competent authorities, the company’s commercial activities, as well as the employment relationship with its employees; we consult a multitude of companies, including international ones. It is our belief that knowledge of the intricacies of our clients’ activities, their business decisions and the issues they might face are vital in the provision of a truly exceptional legal service. Our core asset is our team, possessing expertise in a wide array of legal fields, which enables us to dissect each and every issue in sufficient depth to resolve it rapidly and efficiently.

Our team is familiar with the stock market and its modern investment evolution – the start-up companies. The investment in another person’s business is inherently risky – each example of a success story can be countered by a faulty assessment, which is often based on lack of market experience and unfounded trust in the project of choice. Obretenovi Law Firm specializes in securing due diligence, namely in curbing the possibility of risk-prone investments through preliminary background checks of the counterparty, company or business partner of your choice; to provide you with the security necessary in the preliminary stage of your investment. Once you have invested in the chosen company, we can assist you in preparation and representation during the signing of investment contracts, articles of incorporation, NDAs etc. At Obretenovi Law Firm we bring together our experience in the stock market and investments and our in-depth knowledge of the tax and administrative regulations to offer you pragmatic, cost-efficient and actionable legal services.