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  • Intellectual Property and Trademark Protection.

    Companies spend large amounts of money to build their own image and brand which they will use to establish their corporate identity on the market. The registration of a trademark is the fastest, most reasonable and cost-efficient way to ensure exclusivity for your brand…[See more].

  • Protection of Personal Data (GDPR).

    The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) emphasizes the protection of personal data as part of the European Union’s large-scale policy against the misuse of personal data, which has affected even the world’s largest corporations. Obretenovi Law Firm offers legal analysis and preparation of the necessary documents for compliance with GDPR, tailored to the specifics of our clients’ activities…[See more].

  • Legal audit.

    In today’s reality of increasingly restrictive and comprehensive regulations, efforts to comply with all the provisions applicable to a company’s business are directly proportional to the company’s caliber. Obretenovi Law Firm offers its clients prophylactic legal audits aimed at identifying and eliminating potential problematic practices…[See more].

  • Migration law.

    Since joining the European Union in 2007, Bulgaria has become an attractive destination for foreign citizens who desire to settle here. The simplified rules of EU law allow companies and individuals to take advantage of the opportunities offered by labor mobility and programs such as the Blue Card of the EU…[See more].

  • Contract law.

    Obretenovi Law Firm offers its clients evaluation and preparation of the full range of contracts, preliminary contracts, annexes, deals and agreements…[See more].

  • Labor and social security law.

    Obretenovi Law Firm offers complex services that cater to the needs of our corporate clients in the context of employment relationships. The firm has extensive experience in labor migration and labor supply at the EU level…[See more].

  • Environmental Law.

    Environmental protection is increasingly at the forefront of EU legislation. In an effort to safeguard our clients’ interests, we offer advice to navigate complex environmental cases as well as disputes arising out of environmental protection requirements and potential ecological harm…[See more].

  • Administrative and Tax Law.

    The increasingly complicated regulatory framework forces the business to adapt to the growing pressure exerted by the executive organs on a daily basis. At the same time, the sanctions for non-compliance with regulations are rising. Obretenovi Law Firm assists its clients in navigating the labyrinthine depths of administrative regulations…[See more].

  • Commercial Law. Contracts.

    Practice in the field of corporate and commercial law forms the backbone of Obretenovi Law Firm’s activities. The firm consults both large and mid-sized international enterprises willing to invest in Bulgaria, as well as Bulgarian companies. Our services include advice and protection of our clients’ interests at each stage of their enterprise’s life cycle…[See more].

  • Corporate and company law.

    We assist and advise our clients in establishing, registering, merger, consolidation, division, spin-off and termination of companies, associations, foundations, cooperations, joint ventures and citizen partnerships…[See more].

  • Property Law and Construction.

    Obretenovi Law Firm offers advice in the development and implementation of investment projects. We provide courtroom representation and out-of-court settlement of any and all of our clients’ property rights…[See more].

  • Dispute and conflict resolution. Negotiations.

    Avoiding long and complicated court proceedings is a core tenet of every jurist’s practice. Obretenovi Law Firm offers out-of-court resolution of disputes and saves you excessive court expenses through negotiating and concluding out-of-court settlements…[See more].

  • International Law and Law of the European Union.

    Transboundary business relationships are regulated by a complicated web of laws and regulations which usually confound the client beyond what is reasonable. Obretenovi Law Firm offers the full range of legal services for Bulgarian companies who do business in the EU and abroad, as well as foreign companies willing to establish a presence in the Bulgarian market…[See more].

  • Enforcement proceedings.

    We offer full-range assistance during and in relation to enforcement proceedings – enforcement of claims, public auctions, and debt collection by a court enforcement officer.