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Why Obretenovi Law Firm?

Since its foundation in 1993, Obretenovi law firm has provided legal and investment consulting, complex legal services and representation of its Bulgarian and foreign clients.

We pay exceptional attention to each and every question of our clients to ensure the most effective solution for the particular individual case. Years of experience and our professionalism provide our clients with the opportunity to save time and resources by making the informed choice on the most appropriate solution for the outstanding case.

We present our clients with a plethora of state-of-the-art, original and alternative solutions, thus ensuring that the clients can choose and pick the most suitable and practicable avenue for the specific circumstances. We invest the time necessary to comprehend not only the clients’ short-term, but also long-term goals and constantly communicate with them to untangle even the most complex of cases governed by both domestic and international legislation.

We know our clients and build durable relationships grounded in mutual trust and professional ethics. The firm maintains long-term partnerships with international companies with stocks being offered on international stock exchanges, a multitude of domestic merchants, individuals, as well as state and municipal offices.

For more information or to contact us, you can find us at:

Bulgaria, Plovdiv, 4000,
3, Stefan Verkovich Str.
floor 3, office 1 and office 7

email: office@codilex.eu
tel: +359 883 336 715