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Since joining the European Union in 2007, Bulgaria has become an attractive destination for foreign citizens who desire to settle here. The simplified rules of EU law allow companies and individuals to take advantage of the opportunities offered by labor mobility and programs such as the Blue Card of the EU.

In an effort to provide its clients with comprehensive legal services, Obretenovi Law Firm has added Migrations law to our roster of activities. We understand that globalization incentivizes prospective entrepreneurs and investors to rely on the mobility of their workforce as a stage in their development process, and workers – to seek career development outside their country of origin.

Although Bulgaria’s legislation is fully harmonized with the European framework, the tolerable deviations in light of national policy and the congenital tardiness of the Bulgarian administration make the use of migration opportunities a real challenge for foreign citizens without qualified legal aid. Navigating the labyrinth of regulations and requirements of the multitude of competent authorities requires extensive experience and knowledge in the field of migration law in order to successfully achieve the set goals and optimize the time and resources required. Mindful of this, our lawyers are there to provide quality representation before the competent Bulgarian authorities.

Over the years, the team of Obretenovi Law Firm has specialized in consulting on obtaining residence permits for foreign citizens and servicing the needs of our international corporate clients in connection with labor migration and mobility of both EU citizens and third-country nationals (in particular the Blue Card of the EU). We provide our clients with customized solutions that take into account the specific needs of each individual case. We possess in-depth knowledge of the requirements of migration legislation, which allows us to give preliminary assessment and to begin working on the case on a short notice by providing our clients with the necessary security and flexibility. We are further mindful of each person’s needs when settling in a new country, and therefore provide a range of auxiliary services such as apartment hunting, medical insurances, obtaining of declaratory invitations and assistance with visa applications. Our clients can be confident that they will receive the best solution in accordance with the provisions of Bulgarian and European law, whether it concerns the mobility of the management staff of an international company or a an individual’s relative.