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In today’s atmosphere of more and more comprehensive regulation and pervasive interference of the authorities in the dealings of private persons, it is essential for every entrepreneur to have insight into the administration’s methodology. The assistance of a lawyer who can communicate efficiently with the authorities is now a necessity rather than a luxury.

Obretenovi Law Firm’s team includes lawyers who boast rich litigation background and have worked in partnerships with natural and legal persons, and have further represented the competent authorities themselves. We have defended a number of clients in disputes pertaining to a wide array of administrative and court proceedings, including in the fields of environmental law, labour law, administrative and tax law etc. Our lawyers possess the experience and strategic know-how to lead you out of the labyrinth of applicable procedures and to achieve the desired results.

We rely on our expertise, but are also constantly on the lookout for amendments to the regulatory framework in order to incorporate the latest best practices to give our clients the competitive edge they need. What is more, we do not resign ourselves to a passive role, but rather take active part in implementing of new solutions in the administrative apparatus through amendment proposals to the applicable law, aimed at fill in lacunas or fix inaccuracies in the current regulatory framework in areas which affect our clients’ interests.

We engage in constant communication and liaisons with the agents of the administration in order to enact beneficial and socially responsible solutions inspired by our experience in the field, and synchronized with the strategy adopted by our clients; in order to minimize the emergence of problems in the future. We employ our knowledge in a plethora of fields and carefully tailor our approach to achieve your activity’s planned results; and to stifle any unforeseen consequences as soon as possible through surgical precision within the confines of your legal rights and obligations.